About Me

Silent, Slow, Sincere, Seems not to be friendly
Lovable, Enjoy spending time alone as well as with very close friends.


Research, Photography, Fish n fisheries



My favourite sports are Basketball, Tabletennis and Swimming. I don’t watch these games on TV, but enjoy playing.
Cricket is the only game I watch on TV, but I don’t like to play (In fact, my bowling is strange and my bat hit only air).


I like to observe things, Creative thoughts and ideas. Like to hang around with friends during free time and swimming is must for me daily.


Read only scientific books and journals. I was fond of novels during my childhood.


Love music. No bar on Language/ type of music/ creator or composer/ ethnic taste/ culture background. Fond of classical and semiclassical……as well as selected english albums. Like to play keyboard and guitar.


Whichever movie I like, all those are my favourite. Nothing seems to be particular, because I just enjoy any movie with action, horror, thriller and adventure. English classics and dramas are selective. English comedies is the only one which I’m a bit relectant to watch.
1. Apocalypto
2. Peaceful Warrior
3. The Illusionist
4. Tears of the sun
5. The World’s Fastest Indian
6. Music Within
7. Invictus


Naadan (Keralite) > Indian > Chinese> Continental.


Post Graduate Staff involved in Marine Research based in Department of Zoology, Ecology and Plant Science, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Working on the project, “Application of signal detection methods to fisheries management system”

Funded by Marine Institute (Sea Change Scheme) , Galway, Ireland


Fish stock identification, assessment and modeling, SAS, R, Molecular tools and markers, GC-MS, Statistical image anaylsis, Statistical Process Control, Multivariate statistics.

  1. Dr J R Nair

    It is wonderful to see someone you like grow in stature and intelluctually mature right in front of your eyes. It was an experience working with you on the College Brochure because you were slow and ‘steady’ and I was always in haste and looking for perfection. Hope and wish that your attributes will take you to areas you want to explore. I know they will. The ‘pic’ is great and shows your newly acquired class. Keep in touch. Love and regards, Dr. Rajasekharan

  2. Thanks very much for the surprising comment šŸ™‚

  3. Great start, congrats and keep going.

  4. Great.. Best wishes………

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