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It is very interesting to see a few recent things I happened to come across in Europe, the development of huge database information on marine and aquatic systems.  Collating information from various sources might not be very a interesting feature, but its integration with GIS techniques and the very recent introduction of dynamic browsers with wide networking tools have remarkably impressed researchers as well as the public. A small thought on contrasting approach of the modern world scientists and nature enthusiasts of the 50’s can easily reflect the rapid improvements of science and technology of 20th century. The new online resources under development which are highlighted below gives easy access for spatial visualization of the national biodiversity, social, economic data as well as support portal where users are most welcome to share the resources to central federation.

The following will be of interest to people involved in aquatic, marine biology and management.

1. National Biodiversity Data Centre (Ireland)

2. European Atlas of the Seas

National Biodiversity Data Centre (Ireland)

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is the national centre dedicated to the collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data and information on Ireland’s biological diversity. It serves as a hub for the exchange of data between governmental organisations, NGOs, research institutions and volunteer recorders.

NBDC website provides access to high quality biodiversity data collected by researchers, professional conservation staff and volunteer recorders. Data is made available through this portal to expand the knowledge on Ireland’s biodiversity resource and to make information more readily available for improved decision-making, particularly in relation to climate change, land use change and biodiversity protection measures.

The Data Centre has developed an online mapping system, Biodiversity Maps, which provides access to data on the distribution of Ireland’s biological diversity. This mapping system has been developed with the objective to:

  1. Produce an on-line Atlas of Ireland’s Biodiversity
  2. Provide a portal to biodiversity data & data providers
  3. Assist reporting on progress with implementation of EU Directives and international conventions
  4. Provide local authorities with data for strategic planning and development control
  5. Provide a resource for researchers & assist knowledge transfer
  6. Enable an early warning system for invasive species to be developed
  7. Track species distributions as they respond to climate change

To see the Online Dynamic Biodiversity Data, Click here

The new Pilot European Atlas of the Seas

The European Commission has recently launched a pilot version of a new European Atlas of the Seas – a dynamic online atlas where users will be able to learn more about Europe’s seas, its maritime sectors, the interaction between them and the maritime policy which brings them all together.

By presenting the European Union’s maritime heritage to the public in a practical and informative way, the atlas is seeking to bring fisheries and maritime policies to a wider audience. It offers detailed information on a vast array of maritime subjects and areas, such as: the volume of passengers and cargo carried to and from various destinations, the areas most affected by coastal erosion, or which Member States fish for a certain species in which sea basin.

Information on sea depths and undersea relief names, rivers and their drainage basins, tide amplitude, sea level rise, marine protected areas and many other things are also to be found.

The atlas, which will be available in English, French and German, was one of the actions outlined by the Commission when it launched an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union in 2007.

This pilot edition of the atlas will be further developed, and for this purpose an online survey asks users to give feedback and ideas for improvement at: Click Here

The deadline for feedback is 4 July 2010.

To view the atlas online see – Maritime atlas: Click Here


Ref: Marine Institute News Letter, National Biodiversity Data Center (Ireland) Website


About Deepak George Pazhayamadom

I'm a fish biologist and a mathematical modeller. I have a wide range of research interests, mostly centered on fisheries resource management.

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